From the inception, we continue to develop financial and strategic relationships with potential, indirect investment partners in Korea, China and North America. These companies have been carefully selected with respect to their business strategies. These strategic partnerships will help FG access some of the best professionals and companies who can source deals and invest collaboratively with Korean institutional investors, the kind of cooperation that will lead to a powerful information and management network.

By strategically opening offices in major financial markets around the globe, we envision to provide the insight and most current information about the markets we invest in. Starting out concurrently with two offices, one in Seoul, Korea (Seoul Headquarters) and New York (US Office, opened in Jan 2013), FG Asset Management will release more local representation in Singapore, a primary city in China and Los Angeles in time for our expansion plans.

Outside our localization plan via on-site offices, FG will continue to work with our Advisory Group, who will bring their intimate, on-site knowledge of the target markets, so that potential investment projects and partners can be cross-checked for feasibility and reliability. This channel of communication will ensure localized and customized service.
After our first investment seminar in the summer of 2012, FG plans to hold conferences on multiple asset classes, so that the institutional investors can establish strategic investment positions conducive to their investment target.

In addition, we will study for our clients the many factors that need to be addressed in overseas investment including relevant target market real estate investment laws and regulations, tax structure, currency hedging strategies. Our package of services will help our clients establish their investment strategies, execute their investment decisions and decide on exit strategies in a consistent manner.
Phase in Approach
FG Asset Management coordinates its investment strategies, in response to the requirement of the global investment arena and FG’s investment and operation guidelines. Our initial investment focus is primarily core and core-plus hard assetsand structured deals in transparent and efficient markets.

With the accumulation of experience and development of our network in overseas real estate investments, we will expand the initial investment scope to other parts of alternative investment spectrum, infrastructure, energy and more.

In the initial stage of our operations we expect our main client group to be the Korean institutional investors for whom we will coordinate outbound investment activities. The direction of our service is anticipated to be reversed in keeping up with overseas investors who are increasingly coming to the Asian market.