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FG Asset Management

Know the Markets, Drive the Markets, Work with the Best Partners

FG Asset Management, headquartered in Seoul, is an alternative asset management and financial services firm that specializes in real estate investment, private equity, and additional alternative investment strategies.

The institutional investors’ appetite for international real estate investment is rising due to the prolonged low interest rate environment as well as Korea’s saturated domestic commercial real estate market. Against this backdrop, FG is poised to provide tactical strategies to various national pension plans and institutional investors for long-term risk-adjusted returns and portfolio diversification tools.

We are the first asset management company in Korea striving to be a global investment platform where a broad range of investment opportunities are introduced and materialized by inbound and outbound professional and institutional clients. Our seasoned professionals at FG leverage their experiences and network in deal sourcing to structuring that will diversify our clients’ portfolio and preserve their capital.

FG has what it takes to be an asset manager on a global scale. Our exceptional team of professionals has expertise in the local and international markets and networks developed over years of investment experience. FG’s core competency lies within the track record of its executives and experienced professionals.

Furthermore, we will make continuous effort to introduce proven operation strategies in real estate and broaden our network in local partnership, so that we will be able to strengthen our independent investment operation capabilities.

FG Asset Management will be your world-class investment manager with experienced professionals, one of the best local and international networks, and investment expertise, to the satisfaction of our clients in and outside Korea.

Core Values

Guiding Principle
FG Asset Management is guided by a set of principles defining our corporate philosophy to ensure that we meet our business goals and objectives. Our guiding principles are the followings: